Performance coaching

The success and growth of your business depends on your top performers being commercial, flexible, resilient and innovative. They need to build strong relationships, role-model the right behaviours and lead their teams through continuous cycles of change; all whilst maintaining focus and delivering on key strategic goals. 

I work with HR professionals, business owners and leaders who understand that attracting, engaging and retaining high calibre staff is key to an organisation's success. 

Coaching and Training programmes are tailored to deliver the skills, behaviours and confidence your co-workers need.  

Contact me today to talk about your requirements for:

  • Delivering change in your business

  • Leadership development

  • Performance coaching

  • Preparing for promotion and 1st 90 days in role

  • Staff engagement and communication

  • Change management training

  • Coaching and support for those impacted by change

  • Establishing a coaching culture

Coaching can be arranged at my office in Nottingham, or venue agreed with you in advance.

Privately Funded Coaching

Workplace-funded coaching isn't always available to everyone who needs it and may not feel like the right choice for you. If you're ready for a career change, want to prepare for promotion, enhance your leadership skills or tackle issues within your team, I can work with you privately in complete confidence. Access the same coaching delivered on my corporate programmes, or create sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Discounts are available for self-funded clients and coaching can be delivered at my Nottingham office or online via Zoom.

I was at a crossroads in my working life and could not see which avenue I wanted to take. Davina made me feel at ease from the start, getting to know me, listening and understanding how I was feeling so that she could adapt her sessions to meet my needs. I found the techniques she used made me see things that I had not identified before. Skills and attributes that were easily transferable in both my professional and personal life. Sometimes in life when you are busy with work and home life you do not get time to consider yourself, what you need, and make clear decisions about what is right for you. Davina supports and helps you see much clearer. The sessions gave me confidence to make some changes in my career and I can’t thank her enough.
— Paul, Retail Manager