Deliver change successfully in your business

Change Ready will help you put people at the heart of the change process, recognising they are the key to successful adoption and benefit realisation.  

I work with business owners, leaders and project management professionals who are implementing change initiatives to enable growth, profitability, automation or efficiency savings. 

I help them consider the impact that changes such new technology, products, processes or restructures can have on employees and customers. Using my corporate experience and coaching practices, I help plan, support and deliver change successfully.

Focussing solely on project delivery metrics (time, budget and specification) won’t guarantee success. If you don’t engage and support stakeholders in the right way, you’ll risk the entire project failing, create resistance amongst co-workers and surface disruptive behaviours that last long after the project has closed.

Do these project challenges sound familiar?

  • The scope and pace of change feels overwhelming

  • Your projects aren't delivering the ROI or benefits you expected

  • Specifications frequently change

  • Deadlines are missed and budgets over-run

  • Communication is poor

  • Resistance from co-workers is high

  • Changes aren’t fully adopted, or co-workers revert to the old way of doing things over time

  • Change Sponsors aren't leading your projects effectively

  • Workarounds are impacting morale and productivity

  • Staff retention is an issue

  • Customer service is negatively impacted

These problems are common in many organisations and can cause significant disruption to morale, growth and profitability.

How can I help?

I have successfully delivered change in large blue-chip organisations and SMEs, across a wide range of sectors.

My approach is based on establishing a cross-functional virtual team (including the project team, key managers, end-users, HR, Communications and L&D).

I have developed a process with simple but effective actions for the team to implement at each stage of the project lifecycle and guidance on how to engage and support individuals throughout their change journey, resolving any resistance as it surfaces.

These actions are incorporated within your project plans and tailored to meet your specific change objectives and project methodologies.  The approach works equally well with waterfall and agile approaches. 

Change Ready services:

  • Change management planning: incorporate the 'people side of change' into your project plans

  • Change management training: for Change Sponsors, project teams, line managers and end-users

  • Coaching for project teams: to support change delivery

  • Coaching for leaders and managers: to support them in delivering difficult messages and lead their teams through change

  • Change Ready mini-workshops: for everyone in the organisation, to help them understand and manage their own journeys through change

  • Career coaching: for those impacted by redundancy or significant changes in their current role

Benefits for your business, customers and co-workers:

  • Profitability and return on investment: business case project benefits are successfully delivered, helping your organisation meet its strategic goals

  • Confident leaders and line managers: delivering clear communications and supporting teams through change

  • Engaged, motivated stakeholders: working collaboratively to co-create and implement the changes successfully

  • Capable and resilient employees: confident applying the changes to their daily work and comfortable working in an ambiguous environment where change is a continuous cycle

  • Greater creativity and innovation: the lifeblood of future change and continuous improvement

As a small business owner, it’s tough to recognise you can’t do everything yourself. Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas around with, and to help you choose the path that is right for you and your business without prejudice or bias
— Julie, Black Cat Cafe
Davina was able to get people to talk openly about how they were feeling. I have come away from the day feeling more positive that we will work as one team
— Planning workshop participant

Build the kind of business you're proud to be part of: with confident leadership and a clear strategy, where you collaborate and work together on the important stuff that delivers results, where you feel inspired to ‘dream big’ and empowered with the tools and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve your personal, professional and business goals. If this is your ambition and you need some help, get in touch today.